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2011-07-28 17:59:28 by grifkiller

Well, untill I can get an animator and some more V.As, I can't continue the work on the webshow thing. Though, in regards to the title, considering it's gonna be kinda random, I was thinking about calling it ADDventures.

Writer's Block

2011-07-03 22:45:02 by grifkiller

Jeez, summer is not being kind to me. I thought that maybe i could work on some warhammer models, get some writing and drawings done, but all I seem to be able to get done right now is just sleep and sit on my ass playing video games! Is this what writer's block is supposed to be like?

Summer and Projects

2011-06-15 19:26:38 by grifkiller

Well, summer is starting for students(me included), and an idea i've been working on for a while is starting to look up. I've already got three voice actors, and i might just get an animator soon. still don't have a damn title for it, though. gonna toss around some ideas to my friends, see what sounds best.
Here's hoping for a good summer!