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Writer's Block

2011-07-03 22:45:02 by grifkiller

Jeez, summer is not being kind to me. I thought that maybe i could work on some warhammer models, get some writing and drawings done, but all I seem to be able to get done right now is just sleep and sit on my ass playing video games! Is this what writer's block is supposed to be like?


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2011-07-04 01:13:27

You can do it bro! Inspiration is everywhere!! Example:

I look at my calculator and think of a person with an infallible pragmatic mind ---maybe he is in distress because he constantly sees the fact of every mater. I look at my lotion bottle LOL and I think of a smooth love interest . ..not as smart. But clever ...LIKE batman clever. Oh snap maybe sheez a SPY.

Think of a setting, a situation that brings them together!! an interesting or ...mysterious back story!

Inspiration is everywhere boyo! you gata keep an open mind.


2011-07-04 08:39:41

Um no. Writters block is not being able to think of anything to write not sitting on your ass playing video games.